Capital City – Budapest [Part 2]
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Capital City – Budapest [Part 2]

You may or may not know that Budapest was once divided into two cities: Buda and Pest, separated by the river Danube passing right between the two. Years ago, that division ceased to exist, though both parts of the city are still referred to with their own original names for orientation purposes. The places I talked about on part 1 of my visit there are all on Pest’s side – that’s where most of the “newest” constructions are.

One of the most significant attractions on Buda’s side is the Buda’s Castle District, where among those castles there’s Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion. The former is a very, very old church built in Romanesque style A THOUSAND years ago next year. Yes, it’s that old. Ancient, I’d say. Obviously, I’m talking about the original church. It was restored a couple of times throughout history, the latest being in the last century; hence why it’s still standing all pretty for your pictures, in one piece. Sadly, it was closed the day I was there, so pictures of the outside had to do.

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Right next to Matthias Church, there’s the Fisherman’s Bastion, a 7-towers terrace that offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Danube and Pest. It’s about 100 years old and its name refers to the fishermen that defended that stretch of the city walls during the Middle Ages. There’s a tiny bar inside one of the towers and you can even sit outside on the little terrace, sipping on your hot wine or OJ while enjoying the vast view of Budapest. Very lovely up there.

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One of the main buildings you’ll be able to see from the Bastion is the Hungarian Parliament – the tallest and largest building in the city. If you wish to go inside, it’s best for you to book your entrance ticket at least a day in advance, because no matte the season, there is always going to be a long line of visitors waiting to go inside and erode the insides of the building with their cameras’ flash.

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Thus despite the cold and the grey atmosphere of Budapest’s Winter, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Paris of the East. My taste buds definitely did!




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