Share The Love: Traveling On A Budget & A Bit Of Argentina
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Share The Love: Traveling On A Budget & A Bit Of Argentina

And after a week long of silence, I am here to beg for forgiveness. Exams are not giving me much time for recreational activities these days, except to get myself some needed caffeine and, of course, some carbs. But it’s all good (almost). This time next week I’ll be enjoying myself an intense session of couch-potatoing, with a book in one hand and a celebratory cake on the other. What better way to let you brain relax after weeks of torture?

Not long ago, I stumbled upon a news website that has made its way to my daily reads list and has given me good material to share with friends and family. It’s called Elite Daily and it’s tagged as “the voice of generation Y”. You’ll find lots of different articles in there, from world news to entertainment, life and money. There’s even a section especially made for women, filled with everyday life tips and general articles about women’s empowerment. I really enjoy it.

Today I found this really nice article that I wanted to share with you guys, because I bet most (if not) all of you (myself included) could benefit from it.


Travel Cheap and Travel Young: 10 Countries You Can Visit On a College Budget


I knew about most of them (they’re all on my “to visit” list), yet I haven’t been to none of those listed. Apart from Argentina, of course – though that doesn’t really count because not only I didn’t travel much with my family while I lived there, I was way too young to even remember. There’s numerous places I would love to visit in that huge beautiful country: Bariloche for instance, is one of the most famous destinations due to its beautiful green landscapes filled with lakes and mountains in the warm months and white long ski slopes in the winter. From what I’ve seen in pictures, it can easily be mistaken to be in Canada.

bariloche bari

Down south in the Patagonia, in the province of Santa Cruz, you can find the renowned Perito Moreno Glacier, the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water. The scenery is majestic and you can even choose to go and see it from unclose and personal on a boat. Definitely a must see.



Credits to Jakub Polomski

All the way up north, on the other hand, right on the border with Brazil, you can witness the beauty of the famous Iguazu Falls (Cataratas de Iguazu). My parents visited the place when I was around 1-2 years old and they loved it. I wish I could say the same. They didn’t take me (unfortunately understandable), but even if they did I would still not remember a thing about it. Good excuse for me to go! (Not that I need one to travel! That’s just a saying…)


These are just a couple of tourist destinations Argentina has to offer. It’s so extensive, it would definitely take you weeks to get a taste of it. And speaking of taste, have you ever heard of how good the food is there? Asado, empanadas, pastelitos, alfajores… do any of these names ring a bell? Don’t worry, I will make sure they do one of these days. I must share with you the delicious traditions of this beautiful country.

Back to the article. If you read until the end, you’ll see that it was written by Clay Winowiecki, the guy behind I didn’t know about that blog until then. You’ll find many inspiring and useful articles and tips by him, a college student who gives good advice about budget traveling. Definitely worth a snoop.


Now, who’s ready for departure? What’s on your must see list?



Ps. This is nowhere near a sponsored blog post, by the way. It’s all out of love for sharing.

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