One Year Ago In Central Park
New York City, USA

One Year Ago In Central Park

One year ago…well, 370 days ago to be precise, I was strolling through the one and only Central Park. It was my first time setting foot on that beautiful place and boy was I happy. I’ve never been that excited to go for a walk at the park. For somebody visiting it for the first time after seeing it in almost every American movie ever made, I could finally understand what the fuss was all about – a massive green blot in the middle of pure concrete and caffeine, which we all refer to as The Big Apple, nicknamed Concrete Jungle, but most commonly known as NYC.

The Fall colours of Central Park are stunning. From green to yellow, to orange and to red. The entire colourful continuum right in front of your eyes, from the bottom of your feet to the highest tips of the 20,000+ trees. Beautiful. I was only one pair of running Nikes away from becoming a true New Yorker! The attitude would come naturally.

I know there’s a hundred and one things to do in there, but the park is so big you have to take an entire day exclusively to walk the 843 acres of the place. I know Sara Ceder Miller did that and much more, being the park’s official photographer and historian. Now that I think about it, I should probably think about getting myself a job as her assistant…

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