A Rocky Devil’s Mouth
Europe, Portugal

A Rocky Devil’s Mouth

And we’ve finally reached the end. This is the final post about a 10-day trip around Portugal, a country I didn’t expect was going to impress me as much as it did. From forests to castles, from cliffs to beautiful sunsets, this country has made its way up on my top 3 of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The other two? France and Switzerland. And just to make it clear, that’s just a ‘beauty’ ranking. It doesn’t go as far as to take into account the hospitality, cuisine and cleanness. My raking looks much different with those criteria. But let’s stick to Portugal for now.


One last town I got to visit before coming back to ‘Winter not-so-much wonderland’ was Cascais. Located 30 minutes away from Lisbon along the coast, the town is mostly famous for…you know it: another top-notch sunset viewpoint, called Boca do Inferno, or Devil’s Mouth. Remember I told you about it on my post about watching the most stunning sunset on the Westernmost point of Europe, Cabo da Roca? Of course you do.


It wasn’t long before it was sunset time, so I waved goodbye to that comfortable environment and off I went to the rocky end of the coast. As all the other sunset viewpoints we visited, it was quite crowded, but this time there ratio was slightly more balanced, with tourist outweighing the number of local fishermen occupying their personal spots along the cliffs hoping to catch something to take back home/freezer.


DSC_1674 DSC_1703While I was going around with my camera trying to shoot something decent, my dad got talking to one of the fishermen that was apparently taking a break after finishing setting up his fishing rod. He turned out to be quite a chatty man, with lots of stories to tell about his travels, that included most countries around South east Asia, the Americas and a bit of Europe. The most ironic part was that he had never even visited the most major cities in his country! He was more of a tourist on his land than abroad. I can relate.

DSC_1742 DSC_1796The sunset didn’t disappoint — then again, how could it? The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks was incredibly loud at times, making it sound like a bored pilot had taken its war plane for a spin and pushed the red button by mistake. A few times. For about an hour. Maybe he had a failing short-term memory? Anyway, you get the point.


So, moral of the story: the city was beautiful, the day was beautiful, the sunset was beautiful and I enjoyed it very much. After all the posts I’ve made about this country, I’m surprised I haven’t got a bunch of checks from the Ministry of Tourism of Portugal. Should have thought about that before I began typing…

Hope you guys have enjoyed my posts so far. This year is looking bright and busy, so don’t worry: more posts are coming your way! And yes, they will be about another country.

Now, don’t be shy and tell me: what’s the #1 country you have been dying to visit for as long as you can remember?  We might have that in common!


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