An Anniversary & Islands Tales
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An Anniversary & Islands Tales

Yesterday CoolerThanBeans turned one year old! I thanks WordPress for reminding me of that. I remember clearly that the day I started this blog I was in The Netherlands at my friend’s house all by myself and thought of just giving it a shot at this travel blogging thing. A year later, I’m still enjoying it as much as I did when I began, sharing stories and pictures of my travels in the hope of inspiring people to just go for it and book that flight they have always had on their bucket list. Life is too short to spend your days in the same place. Get out of your comfort zone!

As you know, for a little over a week now I’ve been backpacking around southern Thailand. Last week I was in Koh Phangan. I stayed in a 14-bed hostel dorm for the first time and had surprisingly a good experience. As the Half Moon party was cancelled (yes, we were all there mainly for that) we gathered all in the common area, had a few drinks and headed to Haad Rin (the beach that hosts the Full Moon party every month) where there was a substitute party that turned out to be just as fun. I love beach parties! Met some interesting people there and even got to share stories and travel tips despite the loud music, though my throat payed the price.


Most people that you meet in Koh Phangan are usually in transit coming from one neighbouring island and going to the other as it is located in between Koh Samui and Koh Tao. I, for instance, met people in Koh Phangan that I ended up meeting again in Koh Tao a couple of days later.

The island is quite empty as it’s low season, but the weather isn’t forgiving at all. It’s very humid and there’s a daily average temperature of 34C which is a huge change if you are coming from Europe at this time of the year. But it’s not even close to the weather change that my friend Buyana (the best travel buddy I could ever had asked for!) has had to adjust to: she comes from a snowy Mongolia!! Yet somehow I’m sweating 10 times more than her. It’s ridiculous. I’ve never looked so charming.


Best of Koh Phangan: Haad Salad (Salad Beach). The water is crystal clear and when we were there, there were very few tourists.



We got sunburnt from staying too long in the shallow water (there were plenty of ugly sea cuccumbers!) and we got a Thai massage (1hour for $8). When the sun got too much to handle, we just escaped to one of the bars along the beach, called My Way Bar, where the people were so friendly and nice and made you feel like you were at home. Had the best coconut shake in the afternoon and pad thai for dinner. Even made friends with the cutest little baby girl…

…and one of the waiters.

Apparently that sign means 'I love you'...?
Apparently that sign means ‘I love you’…?

We are now in Koh Tao and can easily say that this island is my favourite out of all the islands I’ve ever seen! I’m still struggling to adjust to this crazy weather and avoiding too much sunlight (I’m already 15 shades darker than when I arrived), and at the same time thinking about my next stops in this backpacking trip around hot and humid SE Asia.



I’ll keep you posted!


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