Borderline Creepy

Borderline Creepy

This week’s photo challenge theme is “creepy“. Interesting theme, that’s for sure. I like horror and thriller movies and I thoroughly enjoy ghost stories. Unfortunately, the theme hasn’t really appeared in my photos as I haven’t really looked for it — you know, when somebody¬†is scared of something they usually run away from it…

But a black and white style sure can make things looks slightly creepy at times.

For instance: where is this path in the middle of the forest in Northern Thailand going? Is anything going to jump out of it? Who knows…

Monochrome forest

And what about this little wooden house covered in snow, lost in the Swiss landscape, that doesn’t really give out the “homey” vibe…

Monochrome house

Is that at all creepy? I tried, guys. You let me know what you think.

Enjoy your week!

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