Goodbye Europe, Hello Asia!
Southeast Asia, Vietnam

Goodbye Europe, Hello Asia!

She’s back, ladies and gents! Carla is back on track and she will do her best to keep that up.

You must be wondering what has been going on lately…or not. I’m just trying to create some anticipation for this post.

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you probably already know that I’m in *drum rolls*… Vietnam!! Yes, I know there are other continents in the world apart from Asia, but life has been throwing me lemons this way for a while now, so it was time for me to come get them and start making some sweet lemonade.

Aerial shot of Ho Chi Minh City
Aerial shot of Ho Chi Minh City

I had been planning this for a couple of months after getting an incredible opportunity that I will talk about later on, and although it was something I really wanted, I can’t really say I wasn’t a little nervous about it. Different country, different culture, language, food…pretty much different everything! Nothing like moving from The Netherlands to the UK or France. I have only experienced life in European countries (and Argentina), where although the official language differs, everything else is pretty much the same.

Locals exercising in the park after work
Locals exercising in the park after work

So going from Switzerland to Vietnam was quite the bold move.

Nothing screams culture shock like the inclusion of dog meat in the local cuisine does, or even having random people coming up to you anywhere and at any time just to talk to you to practice their English.

But having a subtle amount of heebie-jeebies before departure is normal and is only temporarily (it’s not like I was sad to leave Switzerland anyway!). By the time I got to Saigon and began to explore the city and learn a little bit more about the local daily life, all my worries began to fade away and they will continue to do so until I’m fully settled and ready to begin a new chapter in my book.

Not gonna lie, guys: the food here is something else. I fear I will double in size in a matter of weeks and will develop a chronic addiction to coffee — it’s cheap and it’s good, how can you resist to such temptation??

Oh and the amount of motorbikes here is as insane as you have probably heard.

Do people even walk in this city?
Do people even walk in this city?

I’ve only been in Da Nang for 3 days and I’ve already made a friend — a local lady that casually engaged in conversation with me on the streets, took me to a nice little local eatery to have dinner and even proposed to meet up again. That’s not something you get in the Western world! People being nice to you for no reason… that’s probably something we could all learn from. Especially in Switzerland…!!

Da Nang Beach

I will do my best to keep up the blog regularly updated while I settled down. In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram to see my name and a photo pop up on your feed every single day. I’ve also been updating my other social media rather often, like Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, so don’t be shy (or mean) and come say hi/follow me.


Have you ever moved to a culturally different country before? If so, what was the hardest things you had to say goodbye to? Also, if you have any recommendations about things to do and places to visit around Da Nang, let me know! 

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    1. I think the fact that I’ve moved countries a few times since I was little helped with my adaptation skills. It’s very exciting but a little nerve wracking at the same time. I just try to keep in mind “the first rule of truly living: do the thing you’re most afraid of”. Good rule to live by ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

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