Smile! It’s A Good Day

Smile! It’s A Good Day

I (almost) always have good days, one way or the other. After all, it’s your attitude that defines how good your day will be, isn’t it? Nevertheless, since I’m not able to take photos with my eyes yet and I don’t walk around with a camera stuck to my face all day, every day, I have had to pick a good day of which I had visual proof as my contribution to this week’s photo challenge, themed ‘Today Was a Good Day‘.

So I’ll throw it back to when I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia, back in May.

My friend Buyana and I decided to take a day off and relax, after having spent the entire previous day exploring the Angkor complex. The 43 degrees Celsius heat made it at least twice as hard for us to handle the long day, but it was worth the litres of sweat — goodbye calories!

We slept in, we waited for the heavy rain to pass and we left to wander around town.



There’s not much to see in Siem Reap itself; most of the attractions are outside the city limits, but good moments can happen at any time in any place and those are the ones that make for great photos.




From street vendors to tuck tuck drivers, everybody will try to get your attention, hoping to sell you one of their many miraculous snake and/or scorpion alcohol bottles, cliché t-shirts and baggy pants aka the backpacker’s uniform in both Cambodia and Thailand. Guilty as charged: I bought a pair myself. Can’t resist cheap, comfortable clothing while traveling on a budget for long periods of time.



We went for the $1 banana and condensed milk crepe instead. The nice man that prepared us the good food had a little kid, with the sweetest eyes. He was a cutie. I loved seeing him smile shyly as I showed him the pictures I took of him.


The sun went down pretty quickly that day (or so it seemed) and the colours of the sky changed into all shades of orange and purple.



The lights began to turn on all over town, thus creating a different ambiance than what daylight did. Fruit shake vendors pimped their rides and a few smiles started to pop up here and there.





Siem Reap is easy on the eyes and although it’s a little expensive for what it is, its charm deserves to be seen.


That was, was a good day.



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    1. I have only been to a few countries around SE Asia and I can honestly say that I have felt welcomed and at ease in all of them. The simplicity and the smile of the people here is heartwarming. I can’t wait to visit India one day! I heard so many good things about it :)

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