Chiang Mai: Round Two
Southeast Asia, Thailand

Chiang Mai: Round Two

If you read my post about Chiang Mai then you might remember I mentioned there were more pictures I wanted to share, but since I didn’t want you to burn your retinas, I decided to share them on another post — and this is it!

Chiang mai market

There was just so much going on during that Sunday market that it was hard for me to keep my camera down. The colours, the people, the food, the temples… it was a feast for my eyes.







I love Chiang Mai. It’s probably my favourite city in Thailand. The food is delicious and cheap, the people are friendly, the nightlife is quite active and there seems to always be something going on. From the crowded small old part of town with the endless number of temples to the modern shopping malls, nice cafes and green parks, there is something for everybody.

chiang mai temple







If getting a work visa weren’t that hard to get, I would probably be living there right now, because I would be lying if I said I didn’t hope to indefinitely extend my stay there! But, as that door closed, another open and here I am in Vietnam. Life is funny sometimes, isn’t it?


Have you ever been to Chiang Mai? On a scale from 1 to “I’m never leaving this place! Now bring me my vegetarian pad thai!”, how much did you like it? 

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