Pink Skies & Green Fields: An Asian Treat To The Eyes
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Pink Skies & Green Fields: An Asian Treat To The Eyes

Nobody likes to wake up at an ungodly hour like 4AM in the morning to just go watch the sunrise. Sure we would all love to have that willpower, but only the masochists manage to pull it off quite often. I’d love to be one of them — just wake up early, watch the sky light up over a warm cup of coffee, do some workout and then eventually start your day with sky-rocketing energy levels that will last you all day. That sounds like the idea routine…too bad I’m in a very serious long term relationship with my pillow. It’s true love and I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

However, when I’m on holiday, especially if it’s somewhere by the beach or somewhere with an interesting landscape, I don’t need much convincing (maybe a little hypnosis) to either hike to the top of the hill for sunset or wake up in the middle of the night to watch the sun rise from behind the ocean waves.

Ironically, despite having been living by the beach for the past 3 months, I still haven’t found the will to wake up before dawn just to see the start of the day. I will…eventually.

Two months ago, I found myself in the middle of Central Vietnam with my parents, in a place called Phong Nha. As far away from globalisation as I had been in a very long time, in the greenest of places, with the loveliest people and the most fascinating landscape I have seen so far. Almost all locals are either farmers or fishermen and their day starts way before that of anybody else, until young pupils begin to appear riding their bikes to school and the sound of motorbikes starts to fill the air.

The place got me enchanted at first sight and ended up taking a ridiculous amount of photos of anything my eyes could see. Too beautiful not to photograph!!

River view after a storm in Phong Nha, Vietnam
River view after a storm in Phong Nha, Vietnam

Waking up at 4AM was not a hard decision: with what the place had to offer, it would have been a crime not to witness it come to live in the wake of the morning. So we did. It was tough, but it was so worth it. A real treat to the eyes!! So much so, that we decided to repeat the experience a second time. Beautiful. Simply beautiful! A real masterpiece of nature.

Time to go to work!
Time to go to work!

Phong Nha Sunrise

Phong Nha Sunrise Light

This was my entry to the photo challenge of the week themed “treat“.

Wouldn’t you agree this place looks like a real treat to anybody looking to get lost in the beauty of nature? 

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