Three Is Better Than Two

Three Is Better Than Two

GUYS! I’m still on planet Earth! I know, it’s been a long hiatus. But life happens sometimes and so does procrastination, and the results are always the same: you end up binge-watching re-runs of your favourite TV series and spend way too much time complaining about your laziness…without moving a finger. Oh, the irony!

However, I have been active on Tumblr and Facebook, so follow me on those accounts if you are remotely interested in seeing what I’ve been up to lately.

I will be uploading more posts with a bunch of photos that I’ve been willing to share with you from my trips around Southeast Asia for the past few months, so stay tune for those.

In the meantime, here’s a photo I took one morning while stopping by the beach in Da Nang (Vietnam) to watch the fishermen clean up after the mess that a small typhoon had left behind. It was an interesting scene and they surely didn’t mind my camera being all up on their business. Should go back again for a visit.

Fishing trio

This photo is in connection to the one I shared on a previous post.

Strength in unity

Oh and this is my entry for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge, themed trio.

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