Here & Now: A New Adventure Begins
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Here & Now: A New Adventure Begins

Merry belated Christmas, dear readers!

The theme for this week’s photo challenge is ‘NOW‘ and what a better way to show you what I’ve been up to for the past week. Follow me on Instagram and you’ll be more easily updated!

Remember my friend Buyana who I backpacked with in Thailand and Cambodia? Well, we planned trip #2 and last week we set off to Kuala Lumpur — the first stop in our itinerary. This time around we will do a bit of Malaysia, Singapore and then Palawan (Philippines). Couldn’t be more excited about it!


It might be the fact that I’ve been traveling and living in Asia for most of this year that it doesn’t feel like we’re on a raw adventure; or it might just be the fact that we’re visiting┬ábig cities like KL, Singapore and Manila that make it feel more like traditional holiday tourism. Either way, we are both very excited to travel together again and discover new places, especially Palawan, since we’ve been dying to go snorkelling again after we visited Koh Tao last May.

The first days were spent in KL, stopping by the Petronas Twin Towers, Batu Caves, Little India, Chinatown and all of Bukit Bintang. We spent Christmas’ Eve with the people from our hostel and we had an amazing time.


The way they celebrate it here is just a complete different experience from the Western tradition. It’s all about Christmas hats and foam fights on the streets. I got sprayed on the face so many times, I’m surprised I didn’t go blind! It was so, so much fun. Never would I have guessed I was going to spend Christmas in a predominantly Muslim country with strangers and have the best time…probably even better than having the usual celebratory food coma.

It was then time to leave. The heat and humidity were almost unbearable for the Sweaty Betty that I am. So we came to Cameron Highlands. New for Buyana, familiar for myself. Not complaining at all though. Love this place! The landscape, the weather, the (Indian) food. My, oh my!



But Singapore is waiting and so is 2016, so we will be going soon. Can’t wait to see what will happen next. In the meantime, happy wishes to all of you and enjoy the very last few days of 2015. Let’s make the new year an amazing one!


Happy travels!


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